Happy Birthday MOM!

Hello all! It’s my mother’s birthday today! And as any good daughter should, I’ve conveniently forgotten what year she was born. still procrastinating. my wedding pictures made an appearance at my house today, but they didn’t stay. it’s amazing how they just dissapeared off the ‘track and confirm’ radar for FIVE days! amazing how that ‘next day’ delivery thing works! the funny thing is, the photographer got so pissed as USPS, that he next day FEDEXed them today. so i will have 2 sets of photo cds! yeah. more to mail to other people. so yeah. paper is close to getting started to be finished. you know what i mean, right kod?

Karla was unable to post today even though she tried VERy hard. so i will post her email to me on her behalf:

[So I tried to respond to your blog…. only I don’t have an account – and Idon’t want to sign up for one at work – but I did try! As for the whole -it only took one semester before you started doing papers the night before- crazy how that happens huh??? But what sucks even more – actually WRITINGsecond drafts of papers – and not just – “oh, I’ll add a coma here, andthere’s a typo there” but actually RE-WRITING papers! Like – whole pages,and rearranging lots of things, and even going back to original researchand using those sources AGAIN in your paper! I mean seriously – if you’vealready written one draft, you wouldn’t think that you should have to spendmore than 5 minutes on the next draft!Crazy crazy crazy!Anyway – I’m sitting at work, just got here 1 1/2 hour ago because I thinkI have the flu – unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of this whole “big kid”thing because, even though my boss would have let me just stay home andpuke, I actually have work that HAS to be done and a meeting tonight at8:30 that I have to go to! Bleck bleck bleck!Still trying to get over this whole Karyn [Last Name] thing – I mean…. I’me-mailing “[old email address]” but Karyn [New Last Name] will be the onereading it! Crazy! Though now we almost have the same initials…]

Later ya’ll

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