Candy and Cookie Day 2004!

Ok, so today was quite an eventful and interesting day, and most of it happened in my kitchen! We started out the baking day at about 10am (central time) =) For those of you that i called about baking instructions, thank you very much. the caramels turned out quite well…eventually. First, we rolled out and cut the ‘santas christmas cookies’ (thanks angie) that i prepared last night. all i had were heart shaped cookie cutters, so that’s what we did. those turned out very nice. Then Charlene starting making fudge, with optional nuts that we just decided to sprinkle on top of half of the fudge, that later were scraped off because neither one of us really like walnuts and we’re the only one’s eating the fudge. While she worked on that, i started the first of many long tern stirring sessions of the day, on the vanilla caramels….sooooo yummy. called angie, and jason, and izaak, to make sure i wasn’t supposed to put 3 and 1/2 pints of whipping cream as opposed to 3x 1/2 pints of whipping cream into the pot. very important distinction. all went well with the caramels, we poured, we let cool, but they were cooked to be soft, so we put them in the freezer for just a few minutes to harden up enuf to take out of the pan. yeah, few = 15, frozen caramel not helpful. so then they were TOO hard, so i had to let them sit out forever just to get them out of the pan, which was a long process that involved a grilling spatula. fun times.

Next: Liz’s first ever cookies-from-scratch adventure. so yeah, liz had NEVER, i repeat, NEVER made cookies (or any baked good) from scratch. she’s been strictly a buy it, scoop it, bake it girl up until today. so we bought her some Nestle Tollhouse and Charlene walked her through her first batch of cookies, which were SUPER and then her second batch she did all by herself and they were SUPER, and she didn’t even have an athsma attack because of the cat!

meanwhile, over at the stove: karyn started the long arduous (sp?) journey of the hard tack. first, of course, was cinnamon. sugar, sugar, sugar, liquid sugar, some water. boil, stir, stir, la de da. boring. then WHAM! 300 degrees, off heat! poor flavor, burn eyes, poor color, in pan, in freezer. whew! (any of you who have ever made hard tack, you know how it gets nice and exciting at the very end). Remember the fun times, JaNae! hehe. Anyhow, we get it all done and apparently having to stand over the cinnamon and stir made me look like i’d been sprayed by mace. lovely, i looked sunburnt for 3 hours.

2nd batch: spearmint (while hammering the spearmint and putting the pieces into a bag, Charlene was unfortunate enough to acquire the rare ‘candy splinter’ in her finger. after sucking on it to dissolve it -cause it’s candy!- and running it under water, she apparently got it out.)

made 4 more batches of nestle tollhouse for john to take to work.

Made super yummy and frustrating butterscotch hard candy. sooooo good.

and then, made peppermint ice cream, in my new Cuisinart ice cream maker. easiest and quickest ice cream in the world. never buying ice cream again.

i’ll put up a cute pic tomorrow.

night ya’ll, i’m tired and my sugar high is long gone.


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