It’s Friday!!

So yeah, first friday in a long time where i don’t have to work! that’s always nice, so instead, i’m going to go get a TB test! Fun! It’s so I can do my internship with Catholic Charities. fun stuff. Also, i’m going to try and get as much money as i can out of the $450 worth of books i purchased for last semester. maybe i’ll get $150, if i’m lucky. pathetic. So yeah, more cat news: yesterday i took bonsai to work with me and we had to shave (very small) parts of his neck so we could see the little bumps from where he scratches all the time. the got a little infected so i had to shave them so the medicine i have would actually work! fun. he did alright, everyone at work loves him. plus, he’s the only cat that will sit on your lap while working on the computer (at work) and not jump off. he’s so weird.

Watched the Empire Strikes Back last night. John and I are slowly making our way through the trilogy. I haven’t seen that move since our Band trip to Atlanta and Disney my sophomore year at SHS, and even then i think i fell asleep. it’s been awhile. I’m off to get punctured by a needle, and maybe do some Christmas shopping. Hope ya’ll are doing well.


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