Just sitting here playing online while the boyz pl…

Just sitting here playing online while the boyz play Gauntlet. Good times. made dinner in my new wok! what fun. now i’m uber full. Bonsai has finally calmed down. thank goodness. just had a good talk with my girl Mel. Good luck with the pregnant guy Mel, hehe.

Crazy day at work today, didn’t see but one patient most of the day becuase I was doing online training stuff, and i see this one dog at the end of the day and he goes and bites me! what luck. didn’t break the skin, but it hurt! nice big welts and all. poor dog though, he was scared. not his fault. i’d try to bite too if some scary man in a coat was trying to stick a tube down my ear and a gloved hand up my behind. and it wouldn’t matter how much lubricant he had. Sorry to be so graphic, but thus is the life of a pet nurse.

hope ya’ll are doing well. FYI, thank you notes are going out tomorrow, no matter what.

buh bye

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