Newlywed update.

So. We’ve been married one month as of yesterday and here is our current status: Both still alive and talking to each other…daily, scraping our way to the end of our respective (if that word is even applicable) semester/quarters, seeing the light ahead that is Christmas vacation, keeping the house clean (if only in our dreams), still haven’t killed the cat (it’s early yet), and we now have quite a few more material things that are just making life a bit easier. Like a whisk! Do you know how handy a whisk is!? Mixing is a breeze now! Here’s my self-made annoying email forwarding type tell-me-all-about-you list that applies to my life, this moment:

Name: Karyn [Insert New Last Name Here] (that’s new)

Significant other: my HUSBAND John

Pet: small, growing feline that thinks our house is his own private jungle and the couches are the brush that he should hunt from

Decorations up right now: our tree is up! with lights! but that’s all. we’re testing out the cat. and a wreathe. i am officially a home owner. i have a wreathe.

Favorite thing to do: procrastinate. by doing everything else, like organizing photos, sleeping, eating, having coffee with my friends for the sole purpose of having a reason to put off my paper,-writing a blog entry so i can put off writing my paper…

Favorite newlywed moment: While shopping with wedding gift money in Kohls, my husband uttered the following statement aloud: “Karyn, you need to hurry up and spend our money!” yes folks. that will be the only time those words ever come out of that mouth in that order.

What are we getting each other for Christmas: Two plane tickets home to see our family and friends AGAIN, cause we miss them already.

To be continued…

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