One semester down!

Yeah! i have completed my final edit of my grant proposal for my ficticious Medicare Education program. i have to say, for something completely made up, i think it could acutally work. i need to save this one. might be useful someday. off to drop it off with my professor in arlington. Ed is great. one of my favorite professors ever! then off to shop for birthday presents, and maybe a few christmas gifts.

boo note: bonsai apparently threw up ON THE CARPET again today. i think he has a hairball or something. the guy grooms obsessively. so yeah, that was fun to clean up. at least i had spot stain remover this time.

love ya’ll

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  • Anonymous - Ok, the cat throwing up on your carpet was the kick that made me take the time to “comment” on your new blog, Karyn! As in, do you desire companionship in your home that will require things such as cleaning up daily disgusting messes on your floors, protecting your Christmas tree and other potentially valuable and irreplacable items, speaking in tones you thought would never come from anyone other than your mother, etc.? Ditch the cat! I have several beings that fit the bill and actually can speak to you at the same time! I will loan them to you on a rotating basis. I even have a two-for-one deal. ; )

  • K - Send them on down. i’m out of school until january 18th. just send em on down. it will be fun to watch them chase bonsai around the house!

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