Did I mention…

…that i love my husband? hehe. it’s actually been quite a nice day. worked half a day, met john for lunch, very good bbq, and then hung out with Charlene for a bit. then class. this is a good class. women and family policy-shaping up to be quite a diverse class, as far as opinions go. that always makes for good discussion. anyhow, on my way home tonight from class i called john to let him know i was on my way, and he told me he had gone to sears and returned some things and that he had also purchased something… and he wanted to know whether i wanted the kitchen radio installed in a particular spot! he surprised me! and got the kitchen radio i’d been wanting forever. he got a very nice sony one and it has all kinds of fun features. it even lets you listen to tv stations! fun. and it has a remote for when you’re at the stove and you just don’t feel like making that 4 ft trek across the kitchen to change the station. hehe. it has a cd player too and is silver, so it matches the kitchen! he can be so sweet sometimes. sorry for being so lovey-dovey. darn newlyweds.


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