New Year’s Resolutions

Ok all, we are home, safe, in Texas. Our kitty is still alive and I believe has put on 5 lbs while we were gone. Darn holiday weight. So, I has several resolutions this year, and I believe they are all quite reasonable. Here goes:

1. Paint the kitchen and replace drawer pulls by my first day of class (Jan.17)

2. Recommit to my diet and work on it long term.

3. Sit down every Sunday and plan the meals for the next week, then go grocery shopping for those meals.

4. Balance my checkbook once a week.

5. Do not lose any sleep over homework (i.e. no all-nighters due to procrastination)

6. Create a budget with John and stick to it.

7. Exercise, in some fashion, 3 times a week.

So those are my main resolutions. They tell me it is best if you tell someone what they are, so you are more accountable. So I’m telling you all. If anyone else would like to post your resolutions, feel free.

I’m off to look at prices for new sliding doors and windows and dining room tables (not sliding dining room tables, just normal ones, hehe).

p.s. Anonymous (sibling) I will take the R trivial pursuit post off, my friends did get a little carried away in their competitive spirit.

later all

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  • Anonymous - Gracias muy mucha hermana.

    Sinceramente, su hermano.

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