Antigua Flashback

I was cleaning our entire house on friday, fun fun. Several comical moments, the best being my flashback to JaNae and I’s adventure of the hooking-up-of-the-dryer. So there i was, reaching for something on my laundy shelf and I knocked the fabric softner sheets and they fell behind the dryer. I instantly climbed onto the dryer and right when I was reaching down to get them. I thought of you JaNae. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, when JaNae and I had to hook up our first washer and dryer, it was a bit of a tight fit. JaNae spent at least 30 minutes, sprawled over the dryer, head first, halfway down the wall, trying to hook it up. Fun times. So that was my friday.

Sat, I worked and john worked and played golf with friends, then we all went out to dinner, switched restaurants becuase one of us, no names, thought the floors were too dirty, then came back to our CLEAN house and played….Eucher! we taught several friends the apparently very ‘great lakes’ regional card game. Fun stuff.

Went to church and bowling today. I scored a 130 on one game, a 211 with my handicapp. Those are quite nice. But john and i beat the other team by 1 pin!!!


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  • Anonymous - What a crazy day that was! It’s a wonder that I every got out and upright again! Some days I think that we could write a book about our adventures over those 5 years. What great memories! –J

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