I am on a rant

Sorry if this gets too deep for you all, but i’m in the middle of writing my policy paper on the bill in texas about opening birth certificates for adult adopted people. Anyhow, i’m researching support and opposition and i’m suprised by some of it and not suprised. I’m actually dissapointed in some of the opposition, becuase it’s hard to share certain beliefs with a group of people, only to see that same group make very judging, generalizing, unChristian statements about other groups. anyhow, it just makes me want to be a policy and rights advocate even more because I am quickly realizing that my kind of Social worker is more rare than I thought. Not to talk myself up, but my friend Beth and I had a discussion (all the way back from Austin) about how difficult it is to be a Christian social worker becuase you have to deal with the social workers who advocate for things you personally don’t believe in, and how you have to deal with fellow Christians who don’t practice what they preach, and generalize like there’s no tomorrow. It’s tough to have faith and the training to help people, and then come face to face with laws that may have been enacted to promote ‘right’ living, but punish people and families who don’t fit the mold. to me this goes against everything the Bible talks about with how we treat the ‘least of these’. In my opinion, it is one thing to promote a Godly lifestyle-which i think is very important-and it is another thing to punish and judge people who don’t fit in perfectly. I know i’m on my soapbox here, but hey, it’s my blog. As I’ve learned more and more about my profession and struggled with how to be a Christian social worker in a secular, everything goes world/profession, two standards have become my mantra. Hate the sin, not the sinner, and I have no right to judge anyone. As long as I cling to that philosophy, I can treat everyone with the same respect they all deserve, no matter what decisions they have made in their lives. I have to go to bed now, but i just had to get that all out somewhere. Hope you’re all not overloaded and i hope that made sense. I am officially on my fast until Easter as of 3o minutes ago. Lookin’ forward to that hunger. Talk to you all soon.

Love K

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