I will get to it…

I will post the rest of our Austin trip story on here soon. I’ve just been telling people verbally over and over again all week, so I’m a bit burnt out on it right now. Currently I am at the Panther City coffee house, run by my friend Carma who I used to work with at Borders. This is a great place and everyone should come here whether you live in Texas or not. It’s worth the trip. You can even visit their website at www.panthercitycoffee.com So nice and great coffee, they grind it here!
So I am working on my policy paper that is due on Monday. I know all of the information, I just need to put it in paper form. That really is the tough part. Getting it out into my own words and making it make some sort of sense. I have more resources than I could have imagined, see my class blog for details (www.knowyourtexasadoptionrights.blogspot.com) Anyhow, what else am I currently working on this week…
I am getting ready to register for NEXT semester and apparently you have to ask permission to take 16 hours over the summer (since the semester is 3 weeks shorter). Honestly, who does any real work during those first two weeks of class, and if you take out spring break, you have a normal semester. Also, I’ll be taking integrative seminar (with one of my favorite profs, yeah!) and she is also my advisor and recommended I do Independent Study for one of my electives, which is perfect becuase I can do something big for my internship. My integrative paper is going to have to do with my internship too (love being at a big agency doing big things!). My other classes will be budgeting (for an agency) and a class called Social Inequality, Poverty and Policy. Plus of course, my internship, which I really love. I am also very involved in the Registration committee for our upcoming (July) Back to School Fair (i’ve told ya’ll about this). But now I am officially the ‘liason’ dealing with the computer guy and designing the database that will record and organize at least 15,000 students!! fun! I’m like a Social work techie or something. I keep gravitating towards projects that deal with organizing and evaluating and stuff. My Research 2 prof is getting excited because he loves finding students who…ahem, ‘enjoy’ evaluation. I asked him to be my instructor for my independent study and he started going on and on about developing my skills and becoming and expert and doing presentations at National conferences, and publishing stuff and I’m like, whoa! I just want to graduate right now, k? The end of my current tunnel is August 9th! So, we’ll see how this all goes. I’m looking forward to getting into all of this stuff….i think.

So yeah, enuf procrastinating, gotta get back to work.

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