Yipee! It’s my birthday! If I weren’t sore and had a cold I’d be enjoying it even more!
So yes, I am 25 years old today. Wow, a quarter of a century. Not bad, not bad. Any once again sis, as I always like to point out, now I’m only 5 years younger than you. At least for a few weeks. So yes, I have a fun little cold. I believe I picked it up from someone at the wedding
(1 of 6) we went to this weekend. And the soreness is from yesterday (just my hamstrings). John and I did some good yardwork: we raked and bagged the ENTIRE front yard, which honestly isn’t big at all, but we have 3 live oaks in the front yard and they lose their leaves ALL YEAR! They just keep growing and dropping, growing and dropping, and then we get blessed with more acorns than you need to grow a forest! So yeah, we filled 15! lawn bags full of leaves and acorns and stuff. So that was fun, then we mowed a little and seeded the front yard, becuase the grass is dead and gone anyway with new grass that is more like what we have in ohio. (We have St. Augustine grass right now) And guess what? You can’t use weed n’ feed stuff on your lawn if you have St. Augustine AND trees. Cause it kills the trees. How fun! But hey, at least we can use Round Up, apparently it doesn’t spread in the soil down here. So, that’s why i’m sore, but now we are not the people with the unmowed lawn anymore. We are now the people who have a yard of dirt in the front yard (the leaves made it look like we had grass).

So, my birthday. I am working for a bit in the morning, but as happens every year since i’ve been in college….my birthday falls on Spring Break! So I have no class today or any other day this week!!! I’m still doing the intern thing cause you can’t just walk away from that, and I’ll be doing homework most of the week, but I do get to go to Austin on Thursday -Saturday! It’s for school, but hey, it’s still a trip, and it’s paid for (gas, lodging). We’re going to talk to legislators about adoptee’s rights to their original birth certificates. Fun stuff.

So, for the rest of the day, I’m going to be happy, sniffly, but happy and enjoy my birthday.

And HAPPY 35TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY MOM AND DAD! Thanks for making it so easy to remember your anniversary!


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  • Anonymous - I knew you would post something — I should’ve been more patient!! Oh well, I’ll say it twice — HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best sister in the world. : )

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