So, yeah, about Austin…

Ok, I did have a great time at the capital. It was so neat to walk around the capital building and talk to ALL the offices and keep walking around the capital. hehe. I know we walked several miles on Friday. So that was that. But maybe it’s best if I start from the beginning.
6:45pm Thursday – Beth and I leave my house for Austin. One the way we see a suburban with an attached basket/thing on the back that looks like it’s carrying a dead body in a tarp. How interesting (could’ve been a tent, looked like a body). We would’ve taken a picture of it, but we didn’t want the bad guys to know that we knew. hehe.
10:00pm Thursday – We arrive in Austin and stop at our motel, motel 6 that is. We call our friends who are waiting in the parking lot, only to find out we’re at the wrong motel 6. Oh the little twists of fate. (Keep in mind there were 5 motel 6’s in a 1 miles stretch). So we go to our real motel, check in, and all go into our room so our friends can tell us about their day. The room is, ….sub-par. Dirty walls, I instinctively throw the bedspread on the floor, and it’s just, well, not so clean. So anyway, they talk, they leave, we go to McDonalds to get some food. For the first time ever, my chicken strips are horrible. they were like rubber. so i do not eat them. Oh, I find hairs on my pillows, and they’re kind of stained too, so we both put our clothes over the pillows so we can lay down. We leave the TV on for light in case of emergency or whatever….we sleep.
2:14am Friday – Beth awakens because her body is covered in hives. (she is currently on 3 meds for this, and hasn’t had a breakout in a year). she freaks out, and gets up, only to see a 1 inch long cockroach crawling around on the floor beside the bed. She whispers to me to wake up, I apparently make a face at her and flip over. she then turns the light on, which wakes me up. She whispers “Karyn, we have to go.” I am like what! what! and she points to the cockroach. I freak out, she says ,” that could’ve been under the covers!!” and i freak out more, flip my covers on the floor. It then goes back under her bed. I am like, “I’ll split the cost of new room”, she says that’s perfect! 10 seconds later, she shrieks because now a 2 & 1/2 inch cockroach has come out from under the bed and is crawling around. It goes under the TV stand, beth tries to kill it with the trash can, it scurries over towards my bed, so i jump off the bed and go over by the front door. we both begin gathering our things in a freaked out state and put some stuff in the car. the bug crawls up the wall, over my bed and onto my bed, then it goes over to my pillows and ‘sniffs’ around. At this point it occurs to me that we have been asleep for about 2 and a half hours and I do not even want to think about what those bugs have been doing all that time. So we are getting more stuff out, the bug has now moved on the floor about 5 feet from the door, Beth bravely moves around it and gets our dress clothes and my laptop, we double check the room and leave it. All the while freaking out. So, we load everything in the car. Beth has taken benadryl to try to get rid of her hives. We go to the main office and tell the woman about the hives and the cockroaches and this is what she says first, “Well, we have cockroaches in Texas” Oh My God. so wonderful beth goes into a rant about that she’s from texas and there’s no excuse for those to be in our room and giving her hives, etc. we want our money back. so the lady asks us how long we’ve been there, like there’s an hourly rate or some crap! we’ve only been there for about 3 and a half hours! beth was like “we don’t want a portion of our money back, we want ALL of it”. So they lady acts like she doesn’t know how to return money and asks us if we can come back in the morning. We say sure, but i make sure she rights down that we checked out at 2:30am. (we think she didn’t want to get in trouble for giving someone their money back).
2:45am We strike out in search of a new, non-ground floor, clean, only access from the inside hotel to stay at. We drove around on what some lady called the ‘feeder’ roads and ‘viaducts’ which were actually access roads and overpasses. fun. until we found a nice hampton inn. I was like, ‘hey, i rented rooms at a hampton for our wedding, their clean!” so we stopped there and found a nice 3rd floor room. Bright lobby, friendly clerks, it was soooo clean, continental breakfast. so nice. so normal. so we go up to our room, inspect it anyway and took pictures ( i had taken pictures of our first motel room because it was so dirty -before the bugs said hello).
So it took awhile for the adrenaline to wear off, but we finally made it to sleep around 3:30am
6:30am we get up and get ready to meet our friends at Owens (which is exactly like Bob Evans) and get our money back from motel 6 (there is a reason they leave the light on…to keep the bugs under the beds!!). We go back, there is a very nice lady who apologizes and gives us our money back. we go to breakfast and finally eat something good and tell our lovely story to them…
8:00am ….Owens restaurant… be continued (i’ll tell you the rest of our very eventful day in the next post)

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  • Elizabeth Moore - Karyn I just found the story about our trip to Austin. I have to tell you that the last six months has been very difficult for me….and I have not laughed so hard in I don’t know how long than I did after reading that!!!!!!!! LOL Trying to pull up the pictures too!!! Beth

  • Katy - Yes, hilarious. You’ll be happy to hear that numerous quotes from that trip (esp regarding the cockroaches, dead body, feeder roads and viaducts) are forever preserved for posterity on my 12 page quote collection. Oh yes, they are.

  • k - I’d love to read them!

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