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It’s back to the grindstone…or library as it were. I had my first class of summer semester today, ‘Poverty, Social Inequality and Policy’, and purchased my new “used” school books with my very borrowed student loan money. Because summer semester is only 11 weeks instead of 15 like Spring and Fall, the classes are longer. So my classes are all supposed to be 3 hrs and 20 minutes long. Yikes! Thankfully, our Prof let us our early today in what he called “My gift to you.” He made it clear that he wanted us to get ‘our money’s worth’ and since we were paying for 3h 20min of class, that is what we would get. No matter, I have found in my experiences with this group, that policy classes tend to go LATE, not early. Fun fun. well, i’m off to go do something. not sure what yet. the icebox has been acting up, maybe i’ll see about that.

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  • Anonymous - Wow — only 11 weeks to go! Pretty cool. I have started to potty train the twins today, so I have started the class “Twins, Underwear and Carpet Cleaner — the retraining of a mother”, which will probably go about 22 hours per day and last about three months, if we’re lucky. : )

    The icebox? I hope you’re referring to the actual box where the ice maker drops the ice, and not the freezer portion of the refrigerator, because otherwise I would begin to think that your new area of the country is influencing how you speak! Who calls it the icebox? Is this your husband’s fault?

    Love you

  • K - Ok, so yes, I meant where the ice actually drops into the box. The actually ‘ice maker’ is what is malfunctioning though. It is apparently not getting the message that the box is full and continues to make ice. not so good. i had to throw out a solid ice-box-size block of ice yesterday. not good. plus little bits of black something are getting into the ice and that’s just not good. not cool to see floatin around in one’s drink. so no, i have not begun to call the freezer the ‘ice box’.

    Good luck with your twin potty training class, it sounds even more monotonous than my semester. Although, after looking through my ‘Budgeting for Non-profits” syllabus yesterday, I won’t say that for sure. (It had tax return forms in it, and we’re supposed to bring our calculators to class!) I knew i kept that TI-85 for a reason! hehe.

  • Anonymous - Good luck with everything, both of you! I just have 16 4th graders to teach for the next 4 weeks in summer school, you’re making my job look easy! I was a little worried about the icebox thing too, I was picturing you in hoop skirts and a bonnet! Talk to you soon! love ya, J

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