Double shots are for sissies!

I need at LEAST 3 shots of espresso in that latte thank-you-very-much! I am so tired this morning. Yes, we went to bed at 11pm last night which is super early for us, but we’ve got a lot to recover from. It has been a fun, but long and eventful weekend, including about 22 hours in the car, and that’s not counting driving around Omaha. The wedding was a good time and we had fun, but when we would normally have all day Sunday to recover from the dancing and revelry on Saturday, we got up, hopped in the car and drove/rode for 12 hours. (It would’ve been closer to ten if those Oklahoma people knew how to merge). So I’m sitting here at my desk and I’m trying to remember what is included in that long monstrous list of things I need to do this week, and all I can think of is getting another, venti-sugar-free-vanilla-latte-with-2-splendas, this time with 3 shots! Or, now that they are open, a LARGE(cause ‘venti’ is just acting fancy) sugar-free-caramocha from Borders. oh yum and caffeine. happy times. i’m so tired. ok, must find more coffee. bye folks.

Jason, dad told me about the good strawberry sales last week! Awesome!

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