Edumacating myself

So yes. I’m kidding. I really know how to spell(check). I am getting closer to figuring out what I’m doing with this whole website thing/frontpage thing. I found some awesome templates and backgrounds the other day that aren’t just gimmicky and dumb looking. Quite tasteful. My biggest challenge is the blog part. I have found templates that can work with blogger, but I just don’t know how to do the whole posting code and all that. So i’m still looking and learning, but in the meantime I may just link to my blogger blog until I get my own blog set up.

I’m taking Johnny boy to the airport today cause he’s flying up to O-HI-O for Matt’s bachelor party. Me and JaNae are left with our houses, laundry and our pets for the weekend. Me with my homework and her with papers to grade I’m sure.

Also, QUESTION FOR EVERYONE, using blogger at least, I have the ability to add other people into the bloggable list. Which means you can post without having to just be responding to a comment. Would any of you be interested in that? I think it might make this thing a lot more interesting and less one-sided(read boring). Let me know. (ahem , JaNae and Heather). I don’t know if Dan should be allowed to post. It might just get too crazy;) hehe.

later y’all

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  • Mielinski - wow…that is hurtful 🙁

  • K - It’s amazing how effective baiting can be sometimes at getting someone to post. =) Thanks Dan. I take it back. It would be fun to have you posting as well, that is if you still want to. =)

    p.s. so how are we doing this whole driving to nebraska thing?

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