Fence pics are up!

I recently posted several pics of the in-the-process-of-being-finished-fence, showing John hard at work. The fence is done now except for a board or two and the gates. Those will come when we aren’t up to our necks in homework and weddings. A few random pics of the cat, and some pics of my new organizational endeavor in the guest room. It may not be ‘tidy’ all the time, but at least it’s organized and I can use it now. So, check out the photo gallery.

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  • Walter - Dear Blog Neighbor

    We at Mandrew (a three man- one andrew collective) are confronted with a dilemma. One of our member has had what could be described as a audio vision. He reports:

    I had this weird song stuck in my head for like 10 min
    it went somethin like
    “because saddam stole my turkey
    oh that dirty haji stole my turkey
    because saddam stole my turkey
    he took the refrigerator too.”

    Mandrew is tturning to our blog neighborhood for help. Should these be the lyrics? How should the rest of the song go? Why did one of our members have this happen to him? Any assisstance you could provide would be helpful. Our comments are open and we can be reached at
    Andrew at http://www.mindlessblather.net
    Forrest at http://www.mindlessblather.net
    Soviet at http://www.sovietinamerica.blogspot.com
    Walter at http://www.fortheboredones.blogspot.com

    Thank you for your help.

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