And now for something completely different

I thought a change would be nice. I’m sure you’re all tired of reading about my griping. So, I hear there are some wonderful time wasters out there other than Chicken Invaders and Bejeweled. I’ve heard from 2 people that Insane Aquarium is a must play, and of several others. I know it’s not as fun, but I still think that BookWorm is addicting. It’s better than scrabble! and I like scrabble, although I swear the computer cheats. So, I’m asking for more game suggestions, now that I might have time to play them without immense guilt. Any recommendations? Another question that will be appropriate for some of you…what game were you playing when you paused to read this post?

hehe. later.

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  • LM Personnel - Zuma, Flip Word, even Bingo are quite addicting. Although an old favorite from college would be JTs Blocks…. All found on Yahoo.

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