Driving home the point

Ok, slighty funny situation. So I am applying for my Masters social work license today, because you have to apply for the license before they let you take the test. Makes a lot of sense, I know. I guess they don’t want you to take the test and get your hopes up if your not eligible for a license or something like that. Anyhow, I’m also sending in my request for a name change (again). The first time I sent it in they replied and said it cost $10 to change my name on my license. It’s free to change your address though (that backspacing and retyping must not be as difficult). Anyhow, so I decided to just send it all in together because I want to make sure that they connect the old Karyn [old last name], who already has a license in Texas, to the new Karyn [new last name] who wants to upgrade her license to masters. So, I’m sending in my letter requesting the name change due to marriage, along with a copy of both of my drivers licenses (old and new), and a copy of our marriage license. This stuff will have both [old] and [new] info on it. Also, I am sending in the actual new license application. This has some [old] info on it, but mostly [new]. The funny part is that you have to attach a picture of yourself taken within the last year. Well, of course, the only decent photo of me I could find just happened to be taken- you guessed it – November 6, 2004! It’s a picture of me smiling in my wedding dress. If that doesn’t convince them that I’m me….I don’t know what will. =)


Oh, yes, and yesterday I was trapped in my car with a wasp while driving. Not fun- much freaking out, but it did not sting me and escaped with it’s life. Crazy times. Also, the high today is 102. Have a nice day!

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  • Anonymous - Unbelievable that it is so hot down there! How is John feeling? Better I hope. It’s farmers market morning, with light rain, and probably be in 80’s today. Kids and gram just hanging out! Good luck with all your paper work. When is the test?
    Grandpa’s tests showed no problem in intestine Thurs. HE went in Fri. am for a scan of the bile duct from Gall Bladder. Mom

  • Cheryl - Haha Karyn, I love this story! Oh man, if you lived in the Netherlands you wouldn’t even dare send them all that stuff. Just looking at it they would get confused and give up. Hope it all works out for you 😉 cheers, Cheryl

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