New Website

Now, I know this is a little premature, but I will resume work on my new website/blog shortly. I’m still researching hosting services. I thought about including a Book Review Section on the site, and I really want to make it easy for you all to at least post like you do on here (which is why the blog itself will be the last part to change) and possibly create something of a message board where everyone can post. I know I’ll be reading a ton of books (NOW THAT I FINALLY FINISHED hp, AND OMG!!!) so I thought it would be fun to review. Yes, I finished HP#6 yesterday right after I got back from meeting with my prof, and Charlene and I already have several theories about stuff. So, for my friends who have been patiently waiting for me to finish the book so they could talk to me about it…the coast is clear. No more spoiler alerts for Karyn.
So, yeah. and Maybe one of you…who possibly makes it to the movies/or rents more often than me, could be my movie critic and you could have your own page on the cite…any volunteers?

Just brainstorming- now that’s there’s room in there. later.

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