Oh what a beautiful morning….

(this is your cue to break into song…think “Oklahoma”). Anyhow, I have not graduated YET. But I have turned in my last assignment, and as long as they fixed the little scheduling issues….I might be able to consider myself sort of done. I am at least able to goof off and finish HP today! Finally!

Last night before bed I was telling John that I just needed to send in my references and data anaylysis for my project and then I would be… [he then said “Don’t say it”]…..and I said….doing laundry =) I am so looking forward to a) cleaning our house, b) having time to cook…and consequently do dishes, c) READ things that I want to read, d) spend time with my friends…if they still remember me, and e) make this place look like a home!

Although, my to-do list is not completely fun and games. I will also continue the arduous task of finding a job, and I also am preparing to take the LMSW exam. The exam combined with the course is going to cost about $300+. Ouch, but it’s a small price to pay for the pay increase it will hopefully allow me.

So, I’m off to Arlington for my last official trip…crazyness. Hope I passed everything.

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  • Anonymous - Congrats! Enjoy just being able to do whatever you want, when you want without a million deadlines looming over your head! –J

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