They’re alive!

Yay! for those of you who have posted on the favorite movies so far. It’s nice to know someone is out there. Well, I know I’ll jinx myself by saying this, but John has been gone for 24 hours now and I have not encountered any critters…live ones that is. While cleaning yesterday I found a dead cockroach stuck to the bottom of a tool box that was sitting in the kitchen. So I’m counting that as my critter-that-I-found-after-my-husband-leaves-town. I also have a plan this time. I’m keeping people in and around my house for at least 3 days in a row after John left. That way the critters will think he’s still here and will stay in hiding. Bonsai has been behaving himself lately. Mostly due to the fact (I think) that we force fed him benadryl (for his allergy to a certain shot) and he had to go and have his check up with blood tests and all of his vaccines on Friday. I think he’s trying to be a good kitty so I won’t take him back there. I promise this week that I will post some pictures…finally of the most recent weddings and my trip to Ohio. I’ve started designing my new website and when I get that going they can ALL be on there. On that note, would any of you guys be interested if I put a message board (in addition to the blog) on my site? That way everyone could post and we could have fun debates about worthwhile and not so worthwhile topics? Just curious.

Just a warning. Fantasy Football season is here and I’m on two teams this year. My old faithful team The Remnant which has one Championship title to its name, and my new Texas team, The Death Eaters (read hp). Now I know those titles seem a bit contradictory, but hey, it’s just for fun. Also, I may be changing the Death Eater name, now that I’ve finished book six. Anyhow, there may be a few conversations about football- crazy talk!

So I’m off for my first full day of relaxation and fun after graduating, plus a little business just so I can say I’ve accomplished something other than going to the mall and watching a movie. Hope you all have a great day!

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