Returning to normal?

Well, for us, things are starting to feel a bit more normal around here again, just the usual work/homework stress. However, now we have this whole hurricane #2 approaching texas, so that brings a whole new set of issues. We have some family in Houston and hopefully the hurricane will miss them, but if not we hope they can stay safe wherever they are. We’re expecting some serious weather once the storm reaches us, and while we need the rain, we could do without the wind and increased chance of tornados. We’re not in a flood plain, so we’re ok there, but tornadoes don’t discriminate. Oh well, just being a worry wort. Is that how you spell wort? wart? I don’t know.

So, just doing things around the house today, laundry, filing old bills, paying new bills, editing friends’ papers ( i promise!), and getting a proposal ready to submit to an agency. Cool beans (yes, i know i’ve been saying that too much). Either way, just getting stuff done.

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