A "Regular" Camera

Ok. I now know exactly why I do not like …. non-digital cameras. The waiting. As spoiled as I am in seeing the exact picture I took the moment after I took it on my little screen, there is something worse. I cannot in good conscience, go and have this film developed when I know there are still pictures left to be taken before it is full. However, the events and activities that inspired me to purchase the disposable camera have finished…and there isn’t anything else worth taking pictures of right now. Yes, I even took a picture of my cat in his ‘ewok’ costume. (But you’ll have to wait to see that because the pictures are, you guessed it, stuck in the camera). So now I face a dilemma. Do I put my finger over the lense and take 7 dud pictures so I can get the rest developed…..or do I wait. Grrrrrrr. This is why my mother has single rolls of film with more than 2-3 years of events covered on one roll.
If you are wondering where my digital camera went, it is somewhere between southeastern ohio, pittsburgh, and texas. not sure where.
I miss being able to hook my camera up to my computer and transfer…..three pictures if i want to, have them uploaded to snapfish and send them out to all my friends and family within minutes. Ah well, I shall have to re-teach myself the fine art of only taking worthwhile pictures and going on faith that people didn’t blink.

Ooooh a pretty sunrise….where’s my camera?

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  • Mielinski - Ewok costume…….you are a very disturbed girl. it should have been yoda!

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