Why access is like a trapper keeper

Ok, so I guess we’ve run out of comments and I must break down and post again. To give you a little background on the title of my post, you need to have seen a certain episode of South Park. In this particular episode, one of the characters gets a snazzy new trapper keeper that does neat stuff like talk and stuff. At some point in the show, the little boy and the trapper keeper become fused and turn into this giant blob of person and machine.
Like the trapper keeper monster, access too is a crazy mess of retarded reasonings and back***wards logic. Yes, yes, I know. It really does do a lot of neat things and will someday make more sense to me. But, to the beginner, all I see is a giant. psycho. trapper keeper.

Delete, delete, delete.

Although, I must say that being able to mess with the validation text is quite fun. hehe.

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  • broccoflower - I miss my Trapper Keeper(s)

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