2006: The Year of the Visitors!

I just wanted to inform you all that I have declared 2006 – the year that friends and family come and visit us!! Yeah! So start buying your tickets, making your plans. Because, whether you know it or not, you’re coming to visit us! Now I know some of you have tried to make it this year, but I agree it can be difficult to arrange schedules and afford these awful ticket prices. So, I thought I would give you all a big heads up and let you know what you’ll be doing next year =) And of course, I will continue to send out cheap ticket fairs as I find them. But remember, if you’ve got the time to be ambitious and visit ‘road trip’ style. Avoid kansas (super boring) and oklahoma (boring with bad drivers). So go the southern route if you can. =) Can’t wait to see you!!! Have a great weekend!

p.s. and a big yipee to those of you who did make it this year, or are coming soon!!!

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  • broccoflower - yay!

  • Mielinski - i know i havent made it there as much as i would have liked to….but i promise…this year will be different!!!

  • Anonymous - I’m coming too–probably in the first 3 months of the year since that’ll be my window to fly. Hopefully you don’t mind if I bring a few extra pounds along–I can always be the DD! –J

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