If you can imagine it, they’ve got it.

The internet that is. It’s amazing what people think up. I’ve found two recent examples of this. First there is the Ninja t-shirt folding method. I’m sure this has been around for awhile, but I just heard about it. Basically, it’s a way to fold shirts that only takes like 7 seconds and they end up looking perfect (after practicing a bit I’m sure). Click HERE to go to the link. It’s a video that shows you how to do it. Craziness. Rita tried to tell me how to do the folding method over the phone last night before she sent me the link. THAT would have been funny to watch. Me with my cell phone pinned btwn my ear and shoulder, trying to flip a shirt around and have it magically turn out perfect. Right. Now that I’ve seen the video though, I think I can do it. Yes, it’s dorky, but who cares! Any bit of fun I can squeeze into the laundry process is fine with me.

The second interesting thing is this site called Million dollar homepage. This guy (like 21 years old or something) was trying to figure out a way to make money, so he bought a site with a million “pixels” and he’s selling each pixel (spot on his page) for $1. Pretty cool idea because he’s already sold over 700,000 pixels. Most of them are ads and by no means “appropriate for all audiences” but they all link to different stuff. The site itself just looks neat, like one of those photo mosaic things. Apparently there are a lot of copycats out there already which doesn’t surprise me.

Me, I’m doing radical things today like laundry (yes I will try the ninja method) and working on our business website. Poor Rita’s computer crashed again yesterday, so she is dealing with all of that. Does anyone know if the new Macs are compatible with PCs yet? As in, the ability to open and work with files in both? Alright, gotta get on with my day. Have a good one everybody. At least it’s not Monday anymore.

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  • Mielinski - i tried that folding thing…but mine kept screwing up. it didnt look that bad, but i couldnt get the front of the shirt to be on top. guess i need to study up on my japanese and watch again

  • Bob R. Smith - Wait… you guys fold your clothes?

  • broccoflower - that’s so crazy!

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