"Internet Monday"

Apparently, today is the day that the official ‘internet’ holiday shopping season begins. Apparently, when people go back to work and are stuck in front of their computers again, they shop. I will have you all know that I began my online Christmas shopping yesterday! so ha! Basically, I got free shipping, so duh. Anyhow, we had a great weekend with John’s sister visiting us. I made a decent meal on Thursday, with help. It’s amazing how much more pleasant cooking can be when you have people to help you peel stuff! It was a good time. We haven’t finished any of the desserts yet, and I’m thinking of giving away the rest of the peanut butter pie. We only ate half….and sadly, I ate most of the half. So, if no one calls me by noon or so to say “hey! I want that pie!” then I know a few booksellers who would LOVE it. This weekend was nice because we just got to hang out and it wasn’t so rushed or anything. Granted, it went really fast, but that’s just because we were having a good time. I did miss spending thanksgiving at my sister’s with the family, but we talked and amazingly figured out everything for Christmas in one phone call. It was a miracle! So today it’s back to work but I can now proudly listen to Christmas music whenever i want!!! yipee!!! I was afraid John was going to break my Harry Connick Christmas cd this weekend. I left it on repeat and forgot about it and he was ready to destroy the ‘happy elf’ song. (sorry john). We did get our tree up this weekend. It’s a good thing too, because if you don’t put it up right away, you end up procrastinating until right before Christmas and then it’s hardly worth the trouble. So it’s up in the living room this year. We’re trying it there because we now have a dining room table in our dining room and i would like to be able to stay in the living room when yelling at the cat to get out of the tree instead of having to get up and see what he’s done in the dining room. So it’s up with just lights right now, so that he can get used to it…then we’ll sneak on a few ornaments and hope he doesn’t notice them. If he would just sleep in his carrier for hours at a time (no i didn’t put him there) like he did yesterday, that would be perfect. Ok, well, I have things to get done today too, so everyone have a great day! I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

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  • Anonymous - We missed you too!

    John, do you read Karyn’s blog? What do you want for Christmas? : )

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