mmmmm, peanut butter pie

So, as the grand “Day-Of-Overeating” approaches, I have been getting ready. Monday, I ran many, many, many errands. done. (well, mostly. I can always think of something else I forgot). Tuesday, I cleaned. From 8am to 7:30pm, I cleaned and laundered and pre-prepared food (think homemade noodles) and organized and …cleaned. Generally, I tried to rid the house of all signs of the cat before john’s sister comes today. She’s a bit allergic, and she’ll be staying here all weekend, so I’d like her to actually be able to stay inside the house. Although, Bonsai was a bit perturbed that i wouldn’t let him into his favorite room, the guest room. It’s been closed off since Sunday. Today is the day she arrives, provided the Chicago airport is gracious and let’s her through. (In case you don’t fly much, if you EVER do, DO NOT fly through ORD if you can help it at ALL. But, you know, if you WANT to conveniently “get stranded” in Chicago and have to take a shuttle to a random hotel and pay too much to stay overnight because the cancellation wasn’t caused by ‘mechanical problems’, and then have to leave by 5am to make your 7am flight….by all means).
Anyhow, I have cleaned the house, but I’ve got more food prep work to do. This morning I am making the base for the vanilla ice cream (to go with the apple crisp, yum) and making the peanut butter pie. The problem will be not eating the pie before tomorrow. haha.
So, the full menu at our house will be… Turkey (must have for John and Deb), Mashed potatoes and homemade noodles (must have for me), deviled eggs, green beans, apple crisp, homemade vanilla ice cream, peanut butter pie, and stovetop stuffing. Plus, if our other guest brings anything. Sounds like a yummy meal to me. So, I best get cooking….again. Later all, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  • broccoflower - mmmmm… peanut butter pie… oh man…

  • Mielinski - Deb is HOT! 😉

  • Bob R. Smith - Sweet! Cause I’m the other guest… I think.

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