No Longer UNgainfully Employed!!

We got paid today! After all of this time doing work, I no longer feel like an intern! Yay!!! All in all, quite the good week so far. Later folks, must keep earning money!!

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  • Bob R. Smith - Congratulations, but I hope you realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  • K - Yes, but working and getting paid for it is better (altruism aside) than working and not getting paid. =)

  • Bob R. Smith - How can you put altruism aside in your chosen line of work?

  • K - I just meant that ultimately, it IS better to work (especially when helping other people is your work) without getting paid. But as fun as it is, I have debt to pay off, therefore I can’t be JUST a volunteer all of my life. So I do some social work stuff and get paid for it and I do some (quite a bit actually) and don’t get paid. I could go into a whole debate on altruism if you like. We had an entire class discussion once about whether people are ‘born’ altruistic or they learn it. Quite fun. And then there is the whole issue of whether you can truly do something altruistic without reaping some sort of personal benefit. THAT one lasted for days. =)

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