No more errands.

I am erranded out. I spent from 10am this morning until 3:45pm this afternoon running errands. I’m attempting to turn myself into a semi-thrifty person (go ahead, laugh) so I started doing this thing which is pretty neat so far. They do all the coupon/sale matching up and you just shop and save money. So i’ve been doing this whole coupon thing…which is new for me (except mall coupons- i’ve always loved those). However, it lead me to several stores today. 5 stores to be exact (don’t worry, i planned my route to minimize gas usage). But still. Errands are tiring. The nicest part of my day was the relaxing wait I got sitting at the jiffy lube while i had my state inspection done. nice lobby. nice people. anyhow. i am now going to go WORK. My only other appointment today was cancelled, so now i just have one at 6pm. fun. off to arlington we go!! later people.

if you sign-up for the grocery game thing and they ask who referred you…pleeeeeease put ( in for me. Thanks!

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  • broccoflower - sounds complicated!

  • Anonymous - I am a grocery coupon user too, but Idon’t go all over the place. Kroger is nice here b/c they double all of your coupons, even the ones that say do not double. I figure if I save 10 bucks a week by using coupons and buying store brand stuff (only some things) then that’s an extra 40 bucks a month I have to spend on new clothes! Which I am going to need here soon as my belly is getting a nice bump in it that doesn’t lay flat anymore! Have a great Turkey day! –J

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