Ok, so i finally found Gauri’s blawg.

Ok, true blonde moment here. Totally forgot you can click on someone’s name when they post and link to their blog if they have one. So, yes, gauri, i found your blawg and have now added you to my very selective blog roll! You’re site is fabulous and you’ve got good stuff. I will be commenting often! About the recipe stuff.. I’m working on either an Access or MySQL database for all of my recipes so i can pick by ingredient and generate shopping lists. Very nerdy, i know, but it’s helping me to learn Mysql. fun times. have a great day everyone and …


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  • broccoflower - bless your heart 🙂
    Wow, that’s a good idea, but I’d probably make Kirk do it, because he’s an Access nerd. My blog also links to Amanda Windsor’s blog, I don’t know if you knew her.

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