Here Comes February

Alright folks, sorry about the lull in posting for those of you who actually read this. For all the procrastinating and lack of will power last week, I still was rather busy. The past two days I went to a prep course for my upcoming licensure exam. What fun! It actually wasn’t too bad, believe it or not. It was a nice overview of all of the stuff that I didn’t cover in my MSW program because of my macro specialization. But I’m all brushed up on my anti-psychotics! hehe. And then last night I watched Donnie Darko with Rita and her husband – and the main character is a paranoid schizophrenic and it was like – hey! I just went over this stuff today! Good movie by the way. I do think it’s funny that Jake and Maggie Gylenhall (sp) who played brother and sister in the movie, actually are brother and sister in real life. Fun- probably didn’t have to act very hard.

So, this week Feb starts and there’s a whole lot going on. Tomorrow, right after my fun piloga class that I love, Rita and I are driving down to Austin for an evaluator’s meeting to get information for this project we’re starting. She also has to give a little presentation, fun fun. My only requirement was that we stay at a hotel that had an elevator and there were no external doors to the rooms (to the outside), i.e. – not a motel. And her stipulation was that we eat a Mexican breakfast? I think, or something like that – eggs and lots of meat and salsa, etc. stuff. I was like ‘ I eat that pretty much every morning!” No problem. Just no nasty hotels. So I am returning to Austin. Hopefully my follow up post will include delightful instead of frightening tidbits.

Well, I must go fold some laundry. Hope you all had a nice weekend and have a great week!

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  • Ash - Donnie Darko is indeed a good film!

    The work you are studying sounds very interesting.

    Also i saw the post on the glasses!! also thanks for posting on my site.

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