"Merry New Year!!!!"

Howdy everyone! I know, it’s been forever since I really posted, but hey, I’m sure you’ve all been busy too. We’re finally back home and trying to get back into a normal sort of routine. I would’ve posted sooner, but the combination of our busted wireless router and my lack of an ethernet controller driver left us without reliable internet for a few days. But this morning as I sit at Panera, I downloaded a driver and we should be good to go tonight.

We had a great time seeing everyone at home. We both weren’t feeling so fabulous at the end of the week, (I took that vitamin stuff every day!) so we pretty much crashed when we got home. Sleep. yeah.

But yesterday we were back to normal, so we took down our lovely, but cat enticing Christmas decorations. Bonsai was sad to see the tree go. We were not. I love Christmas trees, but a tree with a cat in it most of the time is somehow less appealing.

I will be posting lots of pictures soon! on here and on snapfish. Those privileged few (thousand) will get an email from me. And Andrea, somehow I’m going to figure out how to get that Bailey video on here. If I can’t….I’ll at least send it to you.=)

Thanks to everyone who was so nice and let us crash at your apartments/houses and drove us around =) and fed us. yikes. I did manage to keep one pre-resolution. I did not GAIN any weight over the holidays. NET weight that is. I lost before Christmas and then evened it out by New years. Not bad considering what I would weigh if I hadn’t lost some ahead of time. Now back to the regular losing diet I had going on before that first piece of fudge. but it was soo worth it.

and the mashed potatoes, and the rhubarb crisp, the potato rolls….and the white chocolate pretzel/chex/m&m mix……all worth it. Thanks everybody!

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