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Random for you, but not for me. This post is primarily addressed to those of you living outside of America. (Cheryl, ahem), and anyone else who cares. I’ve been messing around with my itunes radio stations and I’ve found a couple of good ones. The American stations are pretty predictable, but I don’t know about the international ones. So this questions goes out to everyone who listens to the radio, wherever you are: What are your favorite stations?

I’ve been listening to Virgin Radio UK today, and it’s good. It’s fun to listen to the traffic report though.


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  • Mielinski - well if you are just referring to the talking portion and nothing to do with the music (but for me….has to have some music. canat deal with that talk radio crap)..then im gonna have to go with DC101 out of (obviously) Washington DC. they just had some intern they did awful things to and one contest where they had a full port-a-jon and back stage passes to a Metalica concert. the contestants had to bob for them! the best part was it only took 20 minutes to get two people willing to do it!

  • Ash - Radio 1 is pretty good, theres a viarity of music which can get annoying if you dont like some music but then others. Usualy cool though. Sometimes its critised for having too much talking but its very entertaining.

    Radio 2 can be good, alot of classics like the beatles etc.

    I’m not much of a fan of Virgin though, occasionaly alright.

    hope that helps

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