Watch it just fly out the window…..

Any sense of productivity that is. I apparently used it all up yesterday. I had such hopes for today and all I have accomplished are such minor, trivial things. I took a BREAK to do housework and got more done in that 45 minutes than I have all afternoon. It was kind of exciting too. I got to use super corrosive “drano”. It’s the special stuff from home depot that comes with the bottle sealed inside a ziploc bag. Craziness, but hopefully the shower drain will start working again. About every 6 months it gets tired of all of the hair I send down it and it just stops. Anyhow, not a good productive day like yesterday, but the night is young. Who knows, I might get inspired.

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  • Anonymous - I have to share an amazing revelation with you…I’m serious. Just 3 months ago, after nearly 10 years of marraige, I was ordering some things from a catalog that came, and threw in at the last minute this suction-type thingy that goes over the drain in the shower, and BLOCKS ALL THE HAIR from clogging your drain. You would not believe how happy this has made my husband, as he was the one dragging himself into the basement every 4 months or so to take apart the pipe and extract all the gunky, digusting clogs of mostly my hair. $3.00, yet priceless…


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