What a long, pretty good, day it’s been…

A good day overall. Got up early this morning (for me that is), 6:30am. Been sleeping in lately, so it was good to get up and moving. Went and worked out with Charlene. We started this Piloga (pilates + yoga) class at 9am on Monday mornings. Great way to start the week. Then, it was home to shower and off to meetings in Irving and Arlington. Productive, good stuff. We stopped for some bobba drinks (yummy slushies or tea or milky drinks with huge tapioca balls in the bottom that you suck up through the straw). Weird sounding, and looking I know, but they’re soooo yummy!!! It’s funnier when you find out what the word ‘bobba’ means. (It’s an Asian drink). Anyhow, then it was back to FW and to the grocery. Thankfully, waking up that early gave me time to plan out my grocery trip so i could just go straight there before going home. Chicken was on sale. Sooooo happy. saved $71 with my KC and my coupons. Plus, I remembered to load my gift card so I can help with my nieces’ and nephew’s tuition. That’s two weeks in a row now!! Then I made some quite yummy curried beef stuff tonight. We liked it. Thanks for the idea Rita. A little financial planning and it’s time for bed. Talk to you all tomorrow I’m sure. And for those of you with excess moisture hanging around in your skies, could you send some down please? We could really use it. Thanks. G’night.

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  • King Of Hearts - A gr8 Day U had. I wish U have each day as this.

  • broccoflower - I LOOOOOOOVE Bubble Tea!

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