Having a cold and cheating on your diet: Never a good combination.

Yes. I cheated. I ate sugar today. Pure sugar. Lots of sugar. Cinnamon flavored sugar, peppermint flavored sugar, an entire pack of different cinnamon flavored sugar and several…more than several….large spoonfuls of hazelnut/cocoa/’skim milk’ goodness flavored sugar. Not to mention the uncountable servings, helpings, heapings of oyster crackers I had. It was not a good day for my diet. But they can’t all be good days. Most days I eat protein …and fiber, pretty much all day, with a few stray healthy carbs like OJ or a slice of whole grain bread and stuff, but almost always before bed. I’m basically on phase 1 1/2. I occasionally cheat, of course, but I generally stop myself before the craving-indulgence monster takes over. Not today. I’m not going to blame my cold entirely for this set-back (which isn’t really that bad…as long as it doesn’t keep going), but it did get me sort of started. What REALLY got me started was not eating enough for breakfast. I had some eggs Jimmy dean style, but only 2 bites cause i made john take the big portion because he doesn’t have the luxury (curse) of being near the fridge all day and he needs food. I swear, I need to start packing my lunch (silly i know for a girl who works at home) or something because between making breakfast every morning and packing his lunch and making dinner – he eats pretty healthy. And i just graze all day. Usually on good stuff. I’m apparently notorious now because I eat turkey dogs almost every day for lunch. Not just a couple, or a few, but at least 4 or 5. No buns, just turkey dogs and horshradish sauce. Love it! Keeps me going all afternoon without a lot of cravings. That’s what made today bad. The cycle of cravings just took hold and didn’t let go. But the part about the cold is that I rarely get sick, at least not sick enough to feel beat down. But this cold is just nasty and my head is all full and ucky. You know the type. Well, when you feel beat down, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself a little, just to feel a little better. This, in and of itself is not a bad thing. But when you combine, treat yourself a little with not enough protein for breakfast and…I don’t feel like turkey dogs today…and a small trip to the store in the MIDDLE of the afternoon (an innocent legitimate trip for scallions which almost NO ONE carries and barely made a difference in the recipe – another story), you get a bad sugar day. The worst part about the whole thing- and I told myself this all day long (like it mattered) [heather – like that thing you said about your mind is saying ‘this salad is what i should eat’ but somehow doritos end up in your mouth] ….was that with a cold – you can’t smell -at least i can’t. So your sense of taste is dulled. So I could’ve eaten tofu all day and it wouldn’t have really tasted any different (nothing against tofu – just an example of a bland food)! I justified the cinnamon cause i could taste it more, but the chocolate? Come on – it’s all about the smell. So what happens when you can’t taste it very well? You apparently eat more, just to see. So yeah, bad food decision day. I just wish I could’ve enjoyed it more.

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  • broccoflower - Well, on the bright side, today’s another day.

    I do know how you feel– I lost 1.8 lbs last week and I feel like I was ruining it last night by snacking on chocolate covered cranberries.

    Have you tried South Beach bars?? The peanut butter ones taste like candy bars and they have 10 g of protein per bar so they keep you full.

  • Anonymous - Take heart, dear sister: your six-year-older-but-no-wiser sibling was sick all Wed. night and yesterday with a flu-like bug. I did not eat anything until late last night (and even though the credit for this goes to the vile stomach bug, why did I feel like my dieting self-control should get the victory for that no-calorie 24 hour period?), but then proceeded to eat an ENTIRE can (big can, that is) of wonderful, brought-to-me-in-the-living-room, noodle soup. I have not had noodle soup in, oh two years or so! It was wonderful, so then I ate some pretzels. Can you see a trend? So, let’s declare sick days as treat-yourself-to-nostalgic-carb days, and then we’ll see it as nurturing, not cheating. And today, when I woke up feeling much better, I’m drinking my water and eating my low-fat cheese snack.

    Love you

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