Something completely different.

Finishing a book always brings with it several emotions. There is the satisfaction of completing the book, knowing how the story ends, and accomplishing a goal you set out for yourself. But along with good stories comes the let down of not reading it anymore. For several weeks, or days, whatever your speed, you had that ‘I wonder what happens next’ suspense with you every time you sat down to read. Now you are left with nothing. You know what happened next – you read it – and now you’re done. But, the very next thought is the best pick-me-up ever (when it comes to reading, that is). You get to start a whole new book! With a new story, new characters. You can completely change styles of books, topics. Which is what I’ve just done. (nice lead in, don’t cha think?)

I just started last night (about 20 minutes after I finished ‘Idiot’s’) a book that we’ve had since 11/6/04. Yes, it was a wedding gift. It still had the card from the people who gave it to us stuck inside for thank you card identification purposes. It’s a complete change from the last book.

It’s called, I Isaac, take thee Rebekah, by Ravi K. Zacharias. It’s about christian marriage and all kinds of good stuff. I just got into the first chapter a bit last night which is mostly about Isaac and Rebekah. Very good so far. I’ll keep you posted.

[For those of you who gave us/me books for our wedding, who might be reading this blog, do not despair. We read The Five Languages of Love quite some time ago. I’ve actually read through it twice. And we’re working on the rest of them. We love books, we just don’t have that much time to read.]

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