What a Waste of Time

Ok. So I’m in a bit of a…not so happy mood right now. I just called a certain “board” to see if I still had to renew a certain “license” since I passed this new (and much harder) test to get a new “license”. Not to mention the fact that they upped the renewal fee by $50 this year. I was assuming to hear something like ” oh no, since you passed and paid the $175 plus the $90 and the $25 and all of the money for the transcripts and copies of stuff, you don’t have to send $89 to renew your OLD license”. But instead I heard, “we never even got your transcript yet. [but I sent it in September of 2005] Well, we never got it. No, you still have to pay the $89 and renew your OLD license so that you can UPGRADE to your new license …once you pay for a new transcript and have it sent to us and we get the proof that you passed the new test” [Oh.]

So basically, aside from the small help that my old license was in getting me my first ever real job in Ohio, it has been a big waste of money. Renewal fees of at least $30 in 2004, 2005, and now $89 in 2006. The state application/transfer cost of $50 in 2003. Plus the unknown $$$ I paid for continuing education credits. I knew they were going to stick me somewhere. I thought all this time that keeping my license active was a good idea, so I could just transition to my new and improved with less hassle.

If I had just let it lapse once I left Ohio and not applied for one down here….. I would have saved at least $200. That’s a fun thought.

Well at least I can say that I have enough ceu’s for sure. I’d say I have at least 40 ceu’s in the past year…no wait…..50. and I only needed 15. (school tends to stack the deck a bit). Ah well. Maybe they could use my $89 to increase funding for health insurance for little kids. I doubt it, but just maybe….

oh, wait. I forgot one more thing. It cost me $10 to change my name on my license.

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  • Anonymous - I totally feel your pain! Why can’t licenses transfer? I keep getting told that I have to take more tests in order to get a license in a new state. And these tests I have to take, are basic reading, math, writing tests–really just test if I learned anything in high school. Apparently, my teaching experience or getting my masters doesn’t mean I’m going to be a good teacher in a new state, but a basic test will. Sorry to vent in your blog, but I totally understand what you mean!–J

  • broccoflower - I’m already dreading the thought of having to take another bar exam.

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