Where did she go?

I do have a life people. I mean, I’m really busy. I mean, I really do have a “job”. Just been going non-stop this week. I don’t even remember everything I got done. I know I made a very nice semi-gourmet dinner for John on Friday for our ‘Valentine’s Dinner’. We had: Cordon Bleu stuffed Chicken Breast, (from scratch) Rosemary-Thyme roasted new potatoes, Sliced cooked carrots seasoned with dill, and (from scratch) blackberry turnovers. So yummy. Still eating the left overs. and it wasn’t even tooo bad for South beach. My other ‘proud’ accomplishment of this week was passing my LMSW exam! I took the test on 2/14, so it made my day! Just catching you up a bit. But i’ve got more to do, so later ya’ll.

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  • Anonymous - Congrats on the test! That’s great! I understand that you do have a life, it’s just hard for those of us that don’t and we need some entertainment! –J

  • broccoflower - yay!! congrats again!!

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