A new idea for Lent…

Ok. So, ever since highschool, every year during lent I give up something that I love, am addicted to, etc. I actually have an excellent track record. I’ve given up chocolate several times, and I’ve even given up CAFFEINE! it all it’s forms and made it through successfully. Last year I even did a juice fast for the three days leading up to Easter. But every year when I give something up, I try to make sure that I am giving that thing up in the right spirit. I’m not Catholic, so my faith does not ‘require’ of me to give something up. But, the whole spirit of the Lenten season is about preparing for Easter, and being tested, and a certain level of deprivation of the things that take our time and energy away from focusing on God and the ones we love. An interesting description of what Lent is, can be found HERE.

Anyhow. Every year when I’ve given something up…as SOON as Easter morning comes…..(and we’re talking Midnight here), I have some of whatever I gave up. Be it pepsi, or chocolate…whatever. It makes me disappointed in myself that I end up looking forward to Easter because I can have what I’m craving, and not because I look forward to celebrating Jesus. So this year I have a different plan.

Instead of giving something up FOR just the Lenten period, I am going to give something up completely…for good….by the end of Lent. So, during the entire period I will restrict myself more and more until I no longer have this particular item(s). This may shock some of you that I am going to actually do this…but I’m going to wean myself off of coffee and colas. For real. I’m not dimwitted enough to try to cut them off cold turkey at this point, but how awesome would it be to celebrate on Easter because I am free of the addiction of caffeine. It’s gotten pretty bad lately. Being in school and the busy-ness of the past year has turned me into a crazy all the time coffee drinker and my pop habit is as bad as it’s ever been, it’s just diet now. So, that’s my goal. I came up with a schedule to gradually get off ‘the juice’. So there, I said it in writing. Here goes something!

p.s. there are new pics in the photo gallery.

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  • broccoflower - Oh man. I can’t live without Diet Coke with Lime.

  • Anonymous - Karyn,

    That is a great post, girl. I like your thinking, especially because we do make it about our efforts, instead of bringing glory to God at times. I have to share with you something that really spoke to me in a study I’ve been doing. First, you have to read 1 Samuel 15. Basically, Saul knew what God wanted him to do, but instead of just obeying, he did part of it and then was going to complete the instructions in his own way, as a “sacrifice to God”. And God really showed me how often I do that — how I set aside something in my life that I KNOW should be destroyed, and then try to set it up later as some kind of great sacrifice, a religous thing. As if any of my ways can bring glory to God — No! I worship him by obeying what He has already told me to do.

    If God is leading you to get rid of the coffee/colas, then know that He’ll give you the strength to do it. In our weakness, He is strong.


  • Mielinski - well i applaud your courage. as for myself, i have giving up trying to get pregnant and smoking. so far, i havent had many problems….but its a long 40 days

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