Is it Monday again?

It sure feels like it. Sorry i’ve been such an erratic poster. at least i’m not a Michigan poster. oh well. i’m sure you’ve gone off and found other boring, anecdotal blogs to read. I have. =) It’s only 8:20am and it’s already been one of those mornings. Hopefully it will get better. I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me, and as usual, i’m posting instead. No, i’m just getting it out of my system so i can actually get some work done. I started a list [surprise, surprise] that has stuff I “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Want to do”. I got the idea from some organizing software we tried out awhile back. It was good, but expensive, so I learned all the lessons I could from the free trial and that was it. It does help me to not rationalize that something I WANT to do is actually something I NEED to do. So…Dan, I don’t have annoying coworkers to post about….maybe i’ll write about how i broiled the bacon this morning….or how I didn’t feel like blow drying my hair today so I put it into braided pigtails…or how I actually had real, not too old, milk this morning and was a bit excited that I could put it into my (half-caf) coffee, instead of filling it with tablespoon after tablespoon of Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel creamer… hehe. is that mundane enough for you? See, anyone can post about nothing, you just have to try!

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  • Mielinski - well, if you insist….

    so i get to work after taking my car to the shop..apparently it is time for new brakes. that is gonna cost me like $300 with cleaned out disks and an oil change.

    so work…well i tried to get the fake apps that CT has been using to work, but i have been running into tool issues. after making a few changes and some ….
    [CLASSIFIED FOR YOUR PROTECTION] … and when the doctor said i didnt have worms anymore….that was the happiest day of my life!

    so you can see how boring my day was….perhaps the night of studying for a test i have tomorrow will make things better. but we all know it wont. but im going skiing this weekend…still not to late to join us Karyn!!! 😉

  • K - Well. you think THAT is boring… i’ve been sittin here all day looking for a “better” map of tarrant county that is broken up by zip codes becuase i can’t get the one i have to do what I want. then i found one, beat it into submission and made it look like i wanted. then i filled in each of the zip codes, becoming confused when i couldn’t find some because they exist solely to be a post office! then i color coded some of the zip codes to match the project i was working on. and that took way less time to explain than it did to do. good luck on your test. =)

  • broccoflower - Oh no you didn’t.

    But thanks for your ideas on the wedding stuff.

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