It’s Friday!

So, it’s Friday. It’s been a bit of a crazy week so far. Almost everyone I know is having some sort of family emergency or something is going on. Sadly, there are a lot of heart problems going on right now. It reminds me of my Junior/Senior year in highschool when several of the kids I knew had parents or close relatives that suffered heart attacks or anurisms(sp?) and passed away. I think it comes in waves or something. I’m just praying for everyone who’s struggling with these troubles and I hope they can make it through alright. Personally, I think I’m starting to get over this rather large funk I’ve been in since last week. I’m feeling more motivated. I realize I’m still sitting here posting…but hey, a girls gotta vent her feelings somewhere. The weather has been absolutely insane over the past two weeks. Which of course is apparently the precursor to March psycho storm weather in Texas. Part of me (the part that dreads people getting hurt and damage to property) is always a bit worried about what texas weather may bring. But the meteorologist in me can’t wait for the stormy weather. At least we have somewhat of a backporch so I can still sit and watch it rain.
I talked to my friend Karla last night and she said that her job is having a major overhaul in how they work and that a ton of the employees are becoming ‘remote workers’. Offering major flexibility, but kinda sketchy on the supplies/equipment side. I hope they make give the RE’s the support they need so they don’t go crazy. Good luck sweety.

Alright, back to work. Later. I must discipline my cat now.

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