Je ne sais quoi

Rita and I drove to Abilene for a fun, big ‘ol meeting today. Good times, not a bad drive, believe it or not. Straight shot – no brainer. We had a nice lunch with the ladies we met today. Really good chicken quesadillas! And then, on the way home….DQ. Soooooo yummy. I had the Chocolate Extreme Blizzard. Kind of funny, because the last time I went to DQ, we were driving back to FW from Taos, NM….and it was my birthday. Anyhow, currently watching BJD #1. Excellent movie. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while, just had a craving for some not-confident-blabbering-awkward-moments-painful-just-being-herself type character watching. Feels familiar. Not in the best of moods right now, regardless of what my IMood says. Busy week ahead. Hope it goes well for you all.
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  • broccoflower - I sent you an ecard because I misread your entry. Happy BELATED bday!!!

  • K - Ok…correction on my part. Sorry to mislead you Gauri. 2 years ago when we went to DQ, it was my birthday….my birthday is actually next week. In my strange mind…that’s close enough to compare and be ironic, but I needed to explain myself more. So you’re actually EARLY! Thanks, hun.

  • broccoflower - I know, your bday’s actually March 14. Pi day!

  • K - Silly girl, Thanks.

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