i’m tired of this template…but i’m too tired to deal with the hassle of changing it right now. i’ll change soon.

I hope everyone is doing well. Got a little bit of a break this weekend. Another busy week coming up. J is almost done with school. Just days to go. The cat is still crazy, I’m still reading multiple books at once…Oh, JaNae, I wanted to say thank you again for my birthday gift. My first magazine came in the mail yesterday! And I hope you had a great baby shower today! =)

Hopefully I’ll have a little more time to post this week. I wasn’t even home at all last week to post. Just on the road all over tejas.
Oh, Jason, I tried a new salsa recipe tonight that I think you’ll like. I’ll send you the recipe this week…..and anyone else who wants it. “Smokey Chipotle salsa”
Everyone have a wonderful week!

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  • Anonymous - Glad your magazine came! I always get a little nervous ordering those online because I never know how long it will take to get them started. Thanks again for all the great homemade baby gifts. I smile everytime I look at them! –J

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