2 days in a row!

That’s it. It’s a record. 2 good days in a row. Had a good meeting this morning. Very good stuff coming. Plus, I’m just still so happy that J is done with school. I know he’s happier than me, but just a little bit. We went to the store and he bought some video games tonight. Why? Because he has time to play them, without guilt! Then we went out for a nice steak dinner. Yum. Ready for some good ole fashioned hard work tomorrow.

Plus, I can’t wait until our honeymoon. I know, September, whatever. I’m still excited. Later.

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  • broccoflower - wait, honeymoon? what?

  • K - Let me explain. For those of you who don’t know, J and I never got to go on a honeymoon after our wedding (like many couples). We just went straight back to work and class…because we were both in grad school. We already had to take one week off for the wedding, and we couldn’t afford any more. So, we decided to wait until we were both done with school, so that we could really enjoy ourselves, and not come back to piles of homework. So, since J just finished, and I finished in August, we finally booked our honeymoon! I’m so excited. Hope that clears it up for you Gauri.

  • broccoflower - Yay!!! How exciting!!

    K and I are thinking of doing that too, because a cross country move might be in the cards for me, and because my parents are considering going on a family cruise over xmas (and our wedding’s Jan 13th!).

  • Anonymous - I’m glad things are going so great for you! Jason and I are still waiting to take our honeymoon! Guess we’ll be waiting even longer now that the baby is almost here. Oh well, we did get to live 10 minutes from the beach for 3 years, I guess that counts!–J

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