It’s a Corny one.

So it’s finally Wednesday. My week has been pretty good so far. Got some work done, but I still have tons of cleaning to do. Yesterday I went to one of the two brand new walmarts that are within just a few miles of our house. Not bad, not bad. While I was there, I got a few ears of sweet corn. I have to say that they were soooooo good! If you rub a lime wedge over the corn and then sprinkle with salt, it’s really yummy and you don’t need the butter. Of course, I had to have one ear of corn smothered in butter, but it wasn’t real butter. =) Then, I was asked to sub for a sand volleyball game last night and that was a lot of fun. We lost, but we put up a good fight. Plus, they want me and the other girl who subbed to stay on as team members! Yay! I have a team now!

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  • Anonymous - I can’t believe you don’t use “real” butter!!!!


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