Leggings and Lace

Make it stop. I just saw the “leggings are back” segment on the today show. make it stop. I don’t have a problem with certain clothing styles ‘making a comeback’ and being ok again. Personally, I am a fan of the jean skirt (not necessarily the kind I wore in the talent pageant when we were in 4th grade, but still). But there are some trends that should stay in the closet, reserved only for the occasional flashback halloween costume. I mean, I was glad I could find legwarmers for my costume last year, but it was WAY too easy. They had a (very pretty ) 50 year old woman wearing leggings with a skirt and top to wear to the office. Nooooooooooooo! Sometimes it’s just not ok.
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  • broccoflower - I agree.

    Another thing that shouldn’t come back: poet’s blouses. They bother me. Yes, I had one in the 7th grade, but they bother me now.

    Oooh, and scooters. They bother me too.

  • Mielinski - you know what else needs to go…..women’s right to vote!

  • K - you better watch out dan, or i’m going to give out your address. =)

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