Oh happy day!

He’s done. No more class. No more homework. Done. Finito. Fin. and all the other words in other languages that mean finished. Yesterday was the last day of his last mini-semester – ever. So, needless to say, we’re both quite happy. So we’re looking forward to some time spent doing – absolutely nothing, with maybe a few video games and movies in between. And then…the yard.

On other topics, I’m done with the most urgent thing that needed to be completed this week, but you can be sure there are many other items on the list ready to take it’s place. I am proud of myself though. I am still on phase one and i have only cheated a very small number of times, and I’ve already gone to the gym twice this week and done real workouts! Not the kind where i get on a machine and stop when i’m tired. Also, i have devised a system, where if i cheat on the diet, I either add a whole or half day of phase one to my two weeks, depending on how badly I cheated. Hey, i’m already down 4.5 lbs, so I’m happy. =) have a nice day everyone.

p.s. my cat is officially insane.

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  • Anonymous - Yeah John! We’re sighing relief with you. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll be studying for your Ph.D. (grin).

    We miss you guys. Keep running the race — the way is narrow!


  • broccoflower - Yay! How wonderful 🙂

    I’m on a South-Beachy-version of Weight Watchers now, so some of the recipes that I post might be of interest to you.

  • broccoflower - I forgot to mention, you should check out the “Core Plan,” where you get 35 flex points worth of cheating per week built in. Otherwise, it’s basically South Beach Phase 2.

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